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I'm a Utah mom, just trying to make ends meet. Several years ago, I was introduced to a new way of couponing. I've been addicted ever since. I have a hard time paying full price for anything anymore.

I love couponing so much, I decided to become a teacher for Grocery Smarts.

I teach free classes and show you how to get everything you need at the grocery store and still leave $$$ in your pocket. I'll also teach you the best ways to get and organize your coupons. The best part of the class is when I show you how to match your current coupons up with the current local sales - getting the most bang for your buck!

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September 17, 2008

Campbells/MOM shopping trip

Okay - I didn't get up at the crack of dawn today. I just couldn't drag myself out of bed. I got to the store at about 9:30 after all the kids were dropped off at school. I think I did pretty good, but I also noticed some pretty good deals at the Macey's case lot. I may also have to pick up a few neccessities there too.

So here's what I got and I'm really glad I showed up when I did because I was notified that there would NOT be any rainchecks on this sale. I did not read the fine print, so if any of you were waiting to pick up some of these items, it may be hit or miss when you get there.

I spent $44.81 and saved $86.39. I also got a bunch of Campbells bonus labels to send with my daugther to school.

Here's my run down.

1 bunch of banana's (the one year old has decided he really likes banana's)
1 pkg Chips Ahoy (the cookies were part of an in-ad coupon)
1 pkg of Oreo's (look for the packages for $1.00 of a gallon of milk)
8 microwaveable tomato soups (love these with grilled cheese!)
20 cans tomato soup
4 cans cream of mushroom
6 cans of spaghettios
8 bottles of Pace Salsa
1 bottle of Tree top apple juice (free with $25 purchase - in ad coupon)
4 bottles of V8 splash (mmmm....these are pretty tasty)
8 bags of Malt-o-meal cereal

Not to bad for a shopping trip with a 1 year old (in and out). Hopefully you'll be able to find the items you're looking for as well. Check out the Macey's case lot as well!


Tracie said...

I also made it there. I spent 50 and saved 66. Not as good as you, but i bought more of the soups and stuff! I was told they were getting more stuff in becasue they did no thave all the flavors of cereals that they advertised.

Tracie said...

went back to albys today and they gave me a raincheck for the MOM cereals that they did not get in. Said they should be here by monday. Also, bought 6 Power Zero's and got a $4 off coupon for next purchase, bought 6 more Power zeros and used my coupon, paid 26 CENTS for all 6 and got another coupin for next time!

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