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I'm a Utah mom, just trying to make ends meet. Several years ago, I was introduced to a new way of couponing. I've been addicted ever since. I have a hard time paying full price for anything anymore.

I love couponing so much, I decided to become a teacher for Grocery Smarts.

I teach free classes and show you how to get everything you need at the grocery store and still leave $$$ in your pocket. I'll also teach you the best ways to get and organize your coupons. The best part of the class is when I show you how to match your current coupons up with the current local sales - getting the most bang for your buck!

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January 30, 2009

More Random Freebies

Free Trident Gum - (you have to send a picture of your smile).

Weinerschnitzel Wiener Lovers' Club (free offers all year long) - the name alone just makes me laugh!

20 oz or 2 ltr bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper (first 2 million people who sign up)

Papa John's 25th Anniversary offer (Here's how it works: If the opening kickoff of the Big Game is returned for a touchdown, everyone who pre-registers will be eligible to receive a LARGE 1-topping pizza for just 25 CENTS!)

Pampers Potty Training Kit

McDonalds Free coupons for $1 (almost free)

Gas-X sample

January 27, 2009

Fisher Price - Sale (save up to 50%)

I recieved an email from Fisher Price today. They are having an online sale today and have some items up to 50% off. Check out their sale by clicking on the link.

January 25, 2009

I think I have a cereal fetish......

Okay! I made another run to Macey's..... I just had to get more cereal.....I think I have an addiction to buying cereal. The sad part is that I might sit down and eat one bowl of cereal a week. My family does eat a lot though.

I also have to say 2 GREAT things about Macey's.

1 - They have great customer service. Both times I was there in the last week, all the checkers were happy, helpful and smiling. They had people in the store available to questions and that is something I rarely see at other stores I shop at.

2 - I was certainly impressed at their variety and stock of cereal. Both times I visited, they had the tower of cereal. They certainly know how to stock for a good sale.

So here's what I got in my last trip on Saturday.

5 cans of Campbells spaghetti

10 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks

3 heads of Romaine lettuce (mmmmm....Cafe Rio homemade salad)

1 gallon Western Family OJ

1 bag rolls

1 pkg John Morrell bacon

5 red potatoes

4 oranges

3 limes

1 bag baby carrots

1 dozen eggs

2 pkgs of matches (strike anywhere - husband is obsessed with this kind)

2 boxes of Froot Loops

2 boxes of Frosted Flakes

1 box Captain Crunch

2 boxes of Cinnamon Life (Life cereal is my personal favorite)

2 boxes of Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares

Unfortunately, the receipts at Macey's don't tell you how much you saved. I can tell you that I had $18.50 in coupons and my total came to $62.98. I felt like I got quite a bit for the amount I spent. Another good shopping trip!

January 21, 2009

Macey's made me happy today!

I decided that I wasn't going to wait on this sale. I usually have about 200 boxes of cereal in my pantry at any given time. It's been several months since I've bought any cereal and my family usually goes through 5-7 boxes of cereal a week. I guess it was time to replenish the supply.

I didn't have time to stack them nicely, but here's what I got.

I bought 34 boxes of cereal, some oranges and a few candy bars (bribes for the kids).

I started out at just over $90 and ended up paying $41.89. I would have done a little better had I known before I got home that a couple of my coupons got stuck in the side of the box and neither I nor the cashier saw them. I paid about $1.11 for each box of cereal (I deducted $5.00 from the total to adjust for the oranges and candy bars). If I were you, I would go fast before the selection is gone. I went to the Macey's in Clearfield and they still had a pretty good selection at 2:30 pm today.

Macey's great cereal sale and caselot

So if anyone caught Janet Eyring on Studio 5 today - you would have seen the "tower" of cereal that is on sale. Seriously there is a huge variety (General Mills, Kellogs, Post etc....). Here's a link to some information on her segment so you can see. You can also click on her blog (right hand side of my blog) Living on Less to see more. She was saying that with the combination of the sale and your coupons it was making the boxes anywhere from about $.90 to $1.15 a box. There are also some coupons in your Macey's ad (in-ad coupons) that you need to use. Check out their ad to see their caselot items on sale as well. Hurry in the sale starts today and ends 1/27/09 (sale goes from 1/21 to 1/27).

Cashing in on Quaker and Campbells

I tried to get to the Albertson's sale earlier, but as things would have it - I was shopping this sale in it's last hours. I was pretty pleased with with I got though. Check it out.I took two shots so you could see the things I got a little closer.

Here's the run down:

2 bags Baked Lays potato chips

1 bag Albertson's sleep pants

1 box Jello chocolate pudding singles

2 boxes Carefree panty liners

2 loaves Grandma Sycamore's bread

7 bags Ore Ida frozen potatoes

1 bunch of bananas

12 Dannon yogurts

12 cans Campbell's soup

9 boxes Quaker instant oatmeal

5 boxes Jolly Time popcorn

6 jars Gerber baby food

5 Gerber (2 pk) fruits

2 cans Pam

1 container of Albertson's sour cream

I paid $89.17 and saved $90.17. Not bad for a last minute shopper. The items in red are the only things I did not have coupons for.

Check out my poll (upper right corner). I had this happen to me while I was at the store shopping for these things. Now, I'm interested in what you would do. Feel free to share any comments as well.

January 16, 2009

Yea....free donuts again

Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts on Inauguration Day (Jan. 20, 2009). Check out this link for more info. Don't forget your punch cards. If I remember right - Tuesday's are also double punch days. Mmmmmmm .........doooooonnnnnnuuuuuuttttttssssss.

You can also take your kids report cards in and Krispy Kreme will give them 1/2 dozen glazed donuts for free.

January 14, 2009

Random Stuff.....

I had a lot of things going through my mind today so this is really a bunch of random things.

Tracie sent me a tip (you can do this too, see upper left hand corner of blog). Her hubby went to the store the other day to pick up some items and when he got home he handed her a stack of coupons. She asked him where he got them and he said the self checkout at the grocery store. I thought this was really nice, but with that being said I suggest proceeding with caution and courtesy. Many people either don't want or forget to pick up the coupons (catalina's) that spit out of the self serve registers. Here's where you proceed with caution. If you see that there are coupons available it is best to ask the attendant if you can have them, especially if the coupons are worth a dollar amount off your next shopping trip. This is a great place to pick up some extra coupons. Thanks for the tip!

Caselot - Macey's is having another caselot sale. If any of you saw Janet Eyring's segment on Studio 5 today she was showing some of the best deals there. Here are a couple of things she mentioned as good deals:

Country Fresh Farms powdered milk: Reg $12.xx a can, on sale for $5.99 (has a 15 year shelf life).
55 gallon water drum: Reg $63.xx, on sale for $39.99
Western Family corn and beans: **Didn't catch Reg price, on sale for $.49/can (case of 24)
Western Family applesauce: Reg $.89/can, on sale for $.59/can (case of 24)
Western Family Mandarin Oranges: **Didn't catch Reg price, on sale for $.39/can (case of 24)
**On the ones I did not catch the reg price - I'm sure these are pretty good sale prices since she probably brought some of the best deals to show** You can check your local ad for more deals.

Coupons by mail. I had 2 wonderful surprises in my mailbox today. I had a coupon book from Smith's with at least 20 + coupons in it. I also got a coupon book from Pillsbury with $10.00 of savings inside. I've posted the link to Pillsbury (check 12/31/08 blog entry) to get their book of free coupons. If you've already ordered one - check your mailbox.

Lastly - check out Janet Eyring's blog for a free coupon for Suave shampoo (TODAY ONLY).

How's that for random?

January 13, 2009

Quaker Sale @ Albertsons (starts tomorrow)

If you've been to my classes, I've said many times that sales often repeat themselves. Here's an oldie, but goodie. To check out the details click on this link for a preview of what's on sale. This is a Pinching Your Pennies list. I know they are having some issues with the printable Quaker coupons - hopefully they will get resolved quickly.

You can also check out this link (Grocery Smarts website tomorrow) and hopefully all the links will be working.

Albertson's is also running some promotions (info is on catalina's that print at the register)

1/9-2/1 Participating Gerber and Gerber Graduates Products (Baby Food, Baby Juice, Graduates from Gerber)
Spend $10, get $2
Spend $15, get $3
Spend $20, get $4 OYNO

Baby products Spend 25.00 or more on participating baby brands between and save 5.00 on your next baby care purchase.

January 12, 2009

A new show and tell

Aubrey took advantage of this weeks Albertson's sale. She really cashed in.....take a look.

I didnt break it down like the other girls. But I had to share, I have never been so happy about a sale.
So everything you see in the picture (and dont see) totals $238.74 for two shopping trips. With a savings of $363.01
So here is what I bought:

17 boxes of cereal

3 boxes of Fiber one Granola bars

8 boxes of fruit snacks

6 boxes of Betty Crocker potatoes

3 boxes of Toaster Streudel pastries

4 boxes of Fruit Roll ups

4 boxes of Gusher fruit snacks

4 boxes of Bisquick baking mix

2 9 mega rolls of Charmin Toilet paper

5 crest toothpaste

5 packages of Pampers baby wipes refills

4 packages of Pampers diapers

10 bottles of shamp and conitioner Pantene Prov V

3 bottles of Pantene hairspray

2 bottles of Pantene mouse

5 boxes of Puffs Tissue

4 boxes of Kleenex Tissue

3 boxes of Tide laundry detergent

1 bottle of Flinstone Vitamins

8 6/pks of Yoplait Trix Yogurt

8 boxes of gogurt

2 boxes of Always Infinity pads

4 packages of Stayfree pads

12 Yoplait yogurts cups

3 Covergirl makeup products

5 Johnsons and Johnson baby lotion, and baby wash

3 Loreal shampoo for kids

1 deoderant ( I didnt get on sale, or with a coupon, he needed it.)

1 box of Dayquil

1 box of Nyquil

Seriously this makes shopping fun!!!!I want to go again.

(I want to go again - just looking at your great buys! Congratulations on shopping smart and saving so much $$$).

January 10, 2009

I'm back in the saddle!

After a month long break without doing any serious couponing, I'm buckling down and getting serious again.

I finally made it to the Albertson's sale (YEA!!!! It's been kinda crazy at my place this week).

Here's a couple of pictures of what I purchased - granted the store was pretty bare (I might try again next week to see if I can pick up a few more items).

Transaction #1

2 Tide $11.99 each (2 coupons for $1.00 off - one mfg, one from another store)
3 Dawn $2.50 each (3 coupons for $.50 off)
(I had one $1.00 coupon for Tide that was doubled and 2 coupons for $.50 on the Dawn that were doubled - taking an additional $2.00 off the total). With my preferred savings card I paid $28.03, but recieved $15.00 back.

Transaction #2
3 Cascade $5.00 (3 coupons for $1.00)
2 Pantene hair spray $ 3.34 (2 coupons for $1.00)
2 Fruit by the Foot $2.00 (1 coupon, $1.00 off of 2)
2 Yoplait family packs $2.50 (2 coupons for $.75 off)
3 coupons for $1.00 were doubled with took off an additional $3.00 and I used the $15.00 from the first transaction to pay for my second. I spent $8.66 on my second transaction and got another $15.00 back.

I applied this $15.00 to the rest of my groceries in addition to the other coupons I had. In total I spent $97.37. I took advantage of the Malt-o-meal cereal deal, the Albertson's butter and the Albertson's cheese (the coupons on the front page of the ad). I also bought some basics: chicken, oj, coke, corn chips, bacon and some other stuff. I also bought a DiGiorno pizza because I have a beer rebate to send it.

So there you have it. I'm back in the saddle. I wish I had done a little better - I had to improvise with what the store still had left. Hopefully you will find all you're looking for.

And remember - if you'd like to share your great purchases (does not need to be at Albertson's), I'm sure everyone would love to see what you got.

January 9, 2009

A very good shopper

Tracie sent me a picture of her shopping trip. She laid it out step by step. Yes, she had to do several transactions, but the savings look well worth it! Thanks Tracie and Congratulations on all your savings!
Transaction 1
3 Dawn dish soap reg price 3.99 on sale 2.50
2 Tide detergent reg price 18.48 on sale 11.99
Total before coupons: 31.48

Total after coupons and tax etc:$28.25 PLUS $15 in coupons printed out for my next order

So... Transaction 2
2 8 pk Bounty paper towels reg price 18.29 on sale for $10.00
2 Crest premium toothpaste re price 3.29 on sale $2.50
2 Oral B advantage Toothbrush reg price 2.99 on sale $2.50
Total BEFORE coupons: $30

Total AFTER coupons and tax (INCLUDING the $15 off from transaction1): $15.53
(and another $15 in coupons printed out for my next purchase!)

Are you still with me? Good!

Transaction 3
***Note, i had planned to buy the Charmin 9 ct Mega roll on sale for $10 in this transaction, but they were out so I had improvise so i stocked up on Cascade I will go back for the TP!***

2 cascade gel and 4 cascade action packs reg price 5.99 on sale for $5 total before coupons $30.00

Total after coupons (including the $15 from Transaction 2): $13.42 and another $15 off printed for my next order!

Transaction 4
1 tide reg price 18.49 sale $11.99
2 Gillette Fusion razors reg price 10.99 (thought was on sale for 8.99, but didn't ring up, but still a slammin' deal after coupons! I learn as I go.) (We all learn - thanks for sharing this tip)
1 BB muffin mix reg price: 3.99 sale $2.50
Total before coupons:36.47
Coupons: I doubled the razor coupons to $5 off each then used my $15 off from transaction 3 and .35 off tide.
Total transaction: $13.42 Then more $15 off coupons printed, and I can go back and get my tp and use them and get $15 more! See the pattern of saving here?

If I add up my total saving from what it says on my receipt I saved a total of $112.14 The total I spent today was $73.23 minus $15 off (I will probably go use it for the essentials like milk and eggs etc.) equals ... $58.23!

Way to go....Anyone else want to show and tell or maybe just brag a little???? I'd love to hear from you and all your success stories.

January 8, 2009

So who wants to show and tell?

Okay - so I missed the first and second day of Albertson's great sale. Trust me I'm dying to go.

Anyway - I thought it would be fun to ask if anyone would like to send me a picture(s) of their great purchases with as much detail as you'd like. I would really like to know what you did spend and what you would have spent! Soooooo...... if any of you are happy and willing - forward me your pictures of your shopping trip to callmestacy@yahoo.com and I'll post them here for everyone to see.

Happy Shopping - hopefully I'll have some pictures to post this weekend.

January 5, 2009

Albertson's Sale 1/7/09 to 1/13/09

This is going to be a pretty good sale!!! It will work very similar to the really good sale we had a few months ago. Remember the one that you had to group things together and spend $30 and get $15 back? Well this is one is going to work the same way. Pinching Your Pennies has a great blog on this sale if you want to check it out. The best part of this sale is going to be that Albertson's is allowing you to double some of your coupons. Here's an example of how it would work.

Deal scenario:
3 pampers x $10 each (rough estimate) = $30
3 manufacturers coupons ($1) doubled = $30 - $6 = $24
$15 catalina when you buy $30 = $24 - $15 = $9
$5 catalina when you buy $25 baby products = $9 - $5 = $4!!!!!

This sale is definately worth checking out - especially if you need baby items. Let me know if you have any questions.

January 4, 2009

Kmart is doubling coupons again (1/4/09 to 1/9/09)

Thanks to the Savvy Shopper Alert I got through email - I was pleasantly surprised to find out that we are the lucky ones, once again.

Check out this link to find the great deals and details on the sale. Let me know if you have any questions (callmestacy@yahoo.com).

Also, I'm still booking classes for January and February. Let me know if you're interested in saving some $$$$.

January 2, 2009

Spend $50 in P&G products - get $120 worth of P&G coupons back

This offer began on 12/14/08 and goes through 2/14/09. Click on this link and print it. Make sure to circle all your P&G products on all your receipts. For more information go to: www.pgeverydaysolutions.com/coupons-yearofsavings or call 1-800-979-8268.

It's always great to get some additional savings on products you use all the time. Just remember to hang onto your receipts.

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