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I'm a Utah mom, just trying to make ends meet. Several years ago, I was introduced to a new way of couponing. I've been addicted ever since. I have a hard time paying full price for anything anymore.

I love couponing so much, I decided to become a teacher for Grocery Smarts.

I teach free classes and show you how to get everything you need at the grocery store and still leave $$$ in your pocket. I'll also teach you the best ways to get and organize your coupons. The best part of the class is when I show you how to match your current coupons up with the current local sales - getting the most bang for your buck!

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July 14, 2008

Shopko Savings - toys on clearance

I just love (NOT) year round school. I did not really buy any new clothes for my daughter this summer and she will be going back to school on Monday, July 21st. Wow a three week summer vacation!!!

Anyway - I decided that I would pick up a few things on sale to send her back to school in. I wasn't really impressed with the prices on clothes (even though there were some cute things). I did pick up a couple of pairs of shorts and some swimming suits (one for daughter and one for my son). The suits were pretty good prices.

Then of course I can't take my kids shopping without having a trip through the toy dept. As I strolled the aisles, I noticed they had quite a few yellow tags sticking off the shelf. There were a lot of clearance items. I wasn't really shopping for toys - but if you are in need of some cheap toys, you ought to check out Shopko. I was in the Layton store, so I'm not sure if this was statewide or not. I ended up picking up 2 Tranformer Cyber Slammers
(regularly $11.99) for $2.99 a piece. I'll put those away for another occasion. Some of the items seemed like better bargains than others - just know that going in.

One more thing. I don't really like to open new credit card accounts at all the stores I shop at, but I guess Shopko is now doing the same thing as Albertson's and Smith's. When I went to check out, the cashier asked if I had a Shopko card (My extra savings card), I told her no and then she said I could get special prices and 10% off the week before/after my birthday. So I went ahead and signed up. THIS IS NOT A CREDIT CARD, just a discount card. Maybe all of you already knew this, but it was new for me tonight. I don't shop at Shopko very often. Maybe I will do more of it with this new card. Here's a link if you'd like more info

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