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I'm a Utah mom, just trying to make ends meet. Several years ago, I was introduced to a new way of couponing. I've been addicted ever since. I have a hard time paying full price for anything anymore.

I love couponing so much, I decided to become a teacher for Grocery Smarts.

I teach free classes and show you how to get everything you need at the grocery store and still leave $$$ in your pocket. I'll also teach you the best ways to get and organize your coupons. The best part of the class is when I show you how to match your current coupons up with the current local sales - getting the most bang for your buck!

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January 5, 2009

Albertson's Sale 1/7/09 to 1/13/09

This is going to be a pretty good sale!!! It will work very similar to the really good sale we had a few months ago. Remember the one that you had to group things together and spend $30 and get $15 back? Well this is one is going to work the same way. Pinching Your Pennies has a great blog on this sale if you want to check it out. The best part of this sale is going to be that Albertson's is allowing you to double some of your coupons. Here's an example of how it would work.

Deal scenario:
3 pampers x $10 each (rough estimate) = $30
3 manufacturers coupons ($1) doubled = $30 - $6 = $24
$15 catalina when you buy $30 = $24 - $15 = $9
$5 catalina when you buy $25 baby products = $9 - $5 = $4!!!!!

This sale is definately worth checking out - especially if you need baby items. Let me know if you have any questions.


Holly said...

I need to start couponing! Can I ask, what is the Catalina? My son goes through diapers like mad. Do you get your coupons out of the paper?

Stacy said...

Good Question! A catalina is a receipt that comes from the register as you pay.

I do get my coupons from the paper - I have 4 subscriptions (Sunday only) and I also get one from my mom. We recommend that you have one paper per person in your household.

Good luck with the sale - let me know if I can help. I haven't been yet. I'm waiting for a chance to go without kids.

Anonymous said...

I went today and the pampers didn't seem to be part of the sale. Am I missing something?

Stacy said...

I have not personally gone to Albertson's yet, but this was information I pulled from Pinching Your Pennies blog. Shelly (the moderator) was leading this discussion and indicated that Pampers was part of this sale. If you haven't been - you may want to call ahead to make sure.

Stacy said...

You may also want to check out this link to see what all the Pampers buzz is about. Personally I don't use this brand - so it wasn't a hot ticket item for me.


Angie said...

Hi Stacy - This is Angela Angus! I found your blog through a RS email. I love it! I have a question about the coupon for doubling in the Albertson's ad. If you have a coupon for $2 (like I do on pull ups), will they still double it up to a $1, making it $3 off, or is it only on coupons $1 or less? Does that even make sense?

Also, when they print out the catalina, can you use it on a second transaction right then if you divided up your products or do you have to come back?

I have a blog too and you are welcome to check it out anytime, but I'll have to get your email to send you an invite. I have it on private mainly because I don't want any crazy stalker people. :) Thanks for your help!

Stacy said...

I just checked with the Clinton Albertsons and they said that they would not double more than $2 max. So if your coupon was worth $2.00 they would not give you another dollar off. They also said they would not double coupons that state "do not double or triple" on them. This is new to me. I had not heard this before. Usually when a store doubles - the store eats 1/2 the cost. I would love to take a look at your blog! callmestacy@yahoo.com

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