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I'm a Utah mom, just trying to make ends meet. Several years ago, I was introduced to a new way of couponing. I've been addicted ever since. I have a hard time paying full price for anything anymore.

I love couponing so much, I decided to become a teacher for Grocery Smarts.

I teach free classes and show you how to get everything you need at the grocery store and still leave $$$ in your pocket. I'll also teach you the best ways to get and organize your coupons. The best part of the class is when I show you how to match your current coupons up with the current local sales - getting the most bang for your buck!

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April 14, 2010

Smith's Quaker sale - one of the best sales this year!

We are BIG cereal eaters at my house and so when a deal like this comes around I jump on it!

This week at Smith's they are having a 5 for $5 Quaker Cereal Sale (Cap'N Crunch varieties as well as Quaker oatmeal varieties - see the Smith's ad for all the details).

Yesterday, you should have received your big packet of "junk mail." Hopefully you didn't throw it away. In the Associated Food Store ads (Reams, Macey's, Winegar's, Kents, Harmons, Fresh Market...just to name a few) there's a manufacturer's coupon for $3.00 off the purchase of 5 Quaker products.

Luckily I had 5 of these ads (I guess sometimes it helps to live so close to so many AF stores). I took my 5 coupons to Smith's this morning and this is what I got.

25 boxes of Quaker Cereal for $11.50!!!!

Now that's what I call a good deal :)

After taking the additional $3.00 off the original $5.00 purchase it made each box of cereal $.40 each!

Thanks to Utah Deal Diva for the great post yesterday! I'm glad I got to Smith's early today for the best selection.

So what are you waiting for? Get to Smith's to cash in on this super easy coupon deal!!!! Even if you don't have the extra coupons a $1.00 per box is still a pretty good price on cereal these days.


Anonymous said...

I live in Colorado, we did not get that great ad!

KC said...

Thanks for the *party* tonight....it was really fun and fun to get to know you! Good luck with your garden and dehydrator this year! I just sent my husband to Smith's with 3 coupons in hand!

Angie said...

Thank you Stacy for this great info! I got 15 boxes last night and am going to try and go back today for 10 more. I found a couple more coupons this morning. Thank you so much!

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