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August 19, 2010

Mrs. Fields Cookie Tours

I originally saw this posted on Freebies2Deals the other day and decided to book a tour. We went today (in the pouring rain). My kids are in year round school and we are in our first break of the year and looking for some fun and inexpensive things to do. The tour was a quick 30 minute tour. It was the perfect time for my kids (ages 8, 5 and 3 next week). We had to wear a hairnet and closed toe shoes (no flip flops or open toed sandals). (If you have really young kids who would not do well with a hairnet, this may not be good for them).

We watched a quick 3 minute movie before and then walked through the plant. I guess their busiest time is during the 4th quarter of the year. Victor, our tour guide kept suggesting that we come again during that time of the year when the factory is really busy.

After the tour was over we were greeted in their cookie shop with a tray full of cookies and brownies to sample. Can I just tell you that the smell wafting through that factory was wonderful! If you'd like to schedule your own tour check out this link.

Click here to print the B1G1 free coupon from Freebies2Deals. The coupon is good through 8/31/10.

Click here to schedule your own tour or you can call 801.412.8727.

1 comment:

The King's said...

My hubby went and did the tour by himself one day just because he was in the area. I wish they did it on different days and times because I think it would be a fun church activity.

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